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Top 5 Most Popular 3D Prints of November 2019

Hello everyone! It’s time again to do a TOP 5 Most Popular 3D prints, since Thingiverse has started to speed up a little it seems to be changing the top “Popular” files more often. It’s time to announce the top 5 most popular prints of November, as we will always remember in history which prints were hot as the future unfolds!

#1 Bottle Opener Cap Gun by 3Deddy

Printer Brand:











30% for most parts, print the trigger solid!

Filament: REAL PLA


PETG is too flexible I think so use PLA. Print the trigger SOLID!

Print it strong so it will not break while opening bottles.

#2 A Frame Bird House by APC514

#3 Flying Sea Turtle by amaochan

Print suggestions
1.Layer height 0.2mm
2.Low down the flow to 90%or 95%.
3.Add raft.
4.Add oil on moveable parts.
5.Replace old parts with new parts which is added “-NEW” after the original part name.
6.Part “FT-GEAR02” is advised to print in layer height 0.1mm or 0.15mm,and it needs support.

#4 Mechanical Quick Grab/Release Phone Stand by Arron_mollet22

Visit the thingiverse URL for how-to install the pieces of print:

#5 Cute Mini Octopus by McGybeer

This is a 3D print that has been on our Top 5 multiple times, and it may continue to be!