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[Sticky] HOW TO: Use the Buy/Sell Sections!

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We want to ensure every user has the best experience possible, and we are going to lay out some ground rules for people to follow to ensure everyone is protected and it keeps the forums clean.

APPROVED PAYMENT METHODS: PayPal Goods ONLY! Unless you meet in person, only use PayPal Goods; and don't let ANYONE fool you into using Friends & Family if you don't trust them. This protects both parties by using PayPal Goods! If the buyer is unable, contact me and we will mediate your deal.

If you WANT an item (looking to purchase it):
> You should use a [W] tag for WANTED on your post title.
> You should state clearly what you are looking for, and an image is helpful.
> You should say whether you are going to pay shipping, or a local pickup is preferred.
> DO NOT offer other payment methods that the ones we approve, or you can be banned.

If you want to SELL an item (looking to sell):
> Your topic title should include [S] for SELLING.
> You should include a photo, preferably with your username in the picture somewhere.
> You should include the current condition of the item HONESTLY
> You should include whether you will ship the item, or only do local pickup.
> NEVER ask for a payment other than PayPal Goods, unless an in-person pickup; it will be instant ban.

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