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Decided to try ABS today.. glad I finally did

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So I have been cautious of trying ABS since the beginning of my 3D printing adventures outside of a stratysys we ran at work due to no enclosure, fumes and temperature required on hotend. 

My ender 3 is direct driven, running SpeedDrive V2 (PETG but will be making an ABS one now) with the BMG clone and pancake stepper to save all my X axis space.

Anyway.. even though im on stock hotend I figured the capricorn will be OK for a little while and the printer is in my garage with multiple fans running so fumes will be minimal. It's working great so far and the prints do look amazing compared to some PETG prints I've made.

Settings in Cura & PrusaSlicer are nearly the same:

Hotend: 240

Bed: 110

Speed: 50mm/s

Fan: Off except on bridges

Infill: Gyroid 25-50%

Linear Advance: 0.06

Flow: 100% (Generally at 89 on PLA)

This is to encourage you to try ABS, I used Sunlu ABS and I am happy with results. Just ensure your in well ventilated area and keep pets away as they're very inclined to react to the tube fumes.

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