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Ender 5 with Linear Rails and Direct Drive 100mm/s

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Hey guys,

Wanted to write a quick post about my progress with the Ender 5 on Linear Rails. I have the Linear Rail kit for X and Y axis, as well as the MDD direct drive plate. Recently I took the time to tune my printer for 100mm/s printing. I wanted to share some tips and tricks to achieve this, and still maintain great quality.

The main aspect is to enable Linear Advance within Marlin firmware. Once you have this enabled, and tuned properly you will need to do several other calibrations to achieve higher speeds. The linear rails made a huge difference in the amount of speed we can really use.

Once you have the Linear Advance tuned properly (see the Marlin linear advance page for how-to do this properly) you will need to follow Teaching Tech's calibrations for Steps/MM and Acceleration. Link is here:

Here are the steps I took to get the highest quality, at 100mm/s or better.

  1. Linear Rails, Direct Drive MDD kit, HeroMe Gen5 with single 5015 (Dual Recommended)
  2. Latest Marlin Firmware with Linear Advance enabled, ensure proper stepper motor currents for your drivers and motors.
  3. Calibrate E-Steps for Extruder (Ensure you have Part-Cooling Fan on while doing this, I found it makes a difference of several steps/mm)
  4. PID Tuning Hot-End and Bed if enabled in firmware(When PID tuning hot-end, use G-Code to turn fan on 100%)
  5. Calibrate Acceleration
  6. Calibrate Flow Rate
  7. Test Prints at 75mm/s, 85mm/s, then 100mm/s. I currently use 100mm/s Print and Infill speed with 85mm/s Wall and Top/Bottom speed. My travel is set for 350mm/s and Retraction is 65mm/s @ 1.5mm

If you are also trying to achieve this or are stuck in progress, leave a reply and let's consult!

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