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Anolex CNC Machine - Desktop CNC - What design software to use? Fusion 360 Setup for Anolex CNC

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So you purchased an all new Anolex CNC machine but you have no idea what software to use to start designing your parts? Fusion 360 is the answer, and although it's super complex to begin learning how to use Fusion 360 there are a vast amount of resources to teach you the basics on YouTube and via Google. We are providing the Fusion 360 setup file that Anolex or anyone else has failed to deliver, so I hope this can help you out. If you have questions or any issues with the setup of your Anolex CNC in fusion 360, just give me a shout here; and I will be glad to help.

Go to "Manufacturing" tab, and choose Machine Library. Under "Local" you will be able to import the Anolex 3020 setup; and it also works for the 3040 upgrade. The only other step really is to change any parameters you wish for your machine, and make sure to go to the "Post Processing" and choose grbl or ensure grbl is chosen from this import.

If the attachment gives you any trouble, find this in our downloads section as well.

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