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[Sticky] RatRig V-Core 3 300mm SuperSlicer Config Bundle

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Here is our latest SuperSlicer configuration bundle release, we will be starting a GitHub with our modified klipper firmware/configurations and superslicer configuration bundles that will be regularly updated! We have been sharing these slicer configurations via email, discord and others and people are quite pleased with our current tuning profiles.


This configuration bundle is centered around the following printer configuration:

  • V-Core 3 300mm
  • Orbiter 1.5 Extruder
  • Rapido HF Hot-End
  • Dual 5015 EVA Fan Mod
  • ADXL Tuned Input Shaping
  • Linear Advance Tuned Properly

You will also find some Ender 3, and Ender 5 configurations in this bundle. Up to you if you wish to use them, or not. I recommend backing up your configuration bundle before importing mine, and this is simply a guideline to get started tuning your own printer. What works for me, may not work for you!

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