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Are you looking to get some parts 3D Printed for your Halloween decor? It’s still early enough to place your order and choose a model to have printed with our 3D Printing Services! We do custom 3D Modeling, or we print the models you choose. Thousands of models available already online to make a fully custom Halloween haunted house this year! Don’t hesitate, or wait too long because the Fall season is right around the corner and the nights will be getting cooler, and dark sooner for more haunting fun!

3D Printed Bats are one of the most favorite printed parts of 2021, and we can print sets of 3 with the hanging string for only 12$ shipped! They last for YEARS unlike those cheap card stock cut-outs you will find on Amazon and eBay when you have them made in ABS, PLA material holds up well too when it doesn’t overheat.

3D Printed Ghosts are sold in singles, designed to stand over a tea light to light up and haunt your friends and family! We can sell one ghost for about 8$ shipped, and most people choose traditional white ghosts.

We will be adding more examples of the 3D Models we are making for people as the orders come in this year! Please don’t hesitate to ask us for something custom; we have done large individual lettering as well to spell out words such as “BOO” or “SPOOKY” and can make each letter up to 11″ x 11″ and as thick as you need up to 10″

Bats are made with black biodegradable PLA material, or optionally you can choose ABS for better heat resistance for outdoors. If you want customized colors or shapes please contact us.

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Bat sizes

small, medium, large


PLA Bats X 30, PLA Black Bats x10, PLA Black Bats x5, ABS Black Bats x10, ABS Black Bats x5


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