EVA 3 Heat Insert for RatRig, CoreXY or Cartesian 3D Printer Carriages


High-end ABS or ASA EVA 3 Carriage Parts made for your specific combinations!


Our EVA 3 Heat Insert printed parts kit for the latest revision of the EVA. We just started making our first EVA 3 heat insert kit today, and will be test fitting on the RatRig V-core for some photo ops this weekend! We are proud to offer this kit for our customers, and currently we have Black, Aqua Blue and Green ABS or ASA available. We will make any color kit you wish, just contact us to talk about the options.

We will also offer an installation service as a separate listing where we put the heat inserts in the parts for you prior to shipping; this takes time and requires us to have the brass inserts on hand. Remember our time is valuable and we feel like this is a fair charge to insert these. You can opt to do this yourself, all it requires is a soldering iron and the proper tip to install them.

If you are not 100% positive what all you need prior to purchasing this please just send me a message and we will get you all situated before purchasing. Make sure you are letting us know the proper information before you check-out, or contact us once the order is completed.

Additional information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions25 × 25 × 12 in

CoEX Aqua Blue ABS, PolyLite Black ABS, PolyLite Green ASA

Part Selection

BMO & BMG, BMO & LGX, BMO & LGX Lite, BMO & Orbiter 1.5, BMO & Orbiter 2.0, Mosquito & BMG, Mosquito & LGX, Mosquito & LGX Lite, Mosquito & Orbi 1.5, Mosquito & Orbi 2.0, Nova & BMG, Nova & LGX, Nova & LGX Lite, Nova & Orbiter 1.5, Nova & Orbiter 2.0, Rapido & BMG, Rapido & LGX, Rapido & LGX Lite, Rapido & Orbiter 1.5, Rapido & Orbiter 2.0, REVO Voron & BMG, REVO Voron & LGX, REVO Vor & LGX Lite, REVO Vor & Orbi 1.5, REVO Vor & Orbi 2.0

Probe Options

BL-Touch, BL-Touch Volcano, Pinda Probe

Part Cooling

40mm Fan, 5015 Fan, Dual 5015 Fans


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