RatRig V-Core 3.1 Printed Electrical Parts – ABS ASA 3D Printer Parts Kit for Electronics – Heat Resistant – High Temp 3D Printing


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This 3D Printer Part Kit is a MUST-HAVE for anyone wanting to print high temperature filaments in their enclosed Rat Rig V-Core 3D printers. We have been using RatRig V-Core printers for about 1 year now, and this thing is an amazing machine. I always use ASA for my personal 3D Printers, and have never had one issues with the parts thus far. We strive to make each customer’s dream come true on their printer build and can mix and match colors, items, and make custom changes as you need. Some of our favorite builds are PolyLite Green with PolyLite Black ASA; and the COEX Filaments Teal Blue ABS, with COEX Filaments Black ABS! They are beautiful machines when put together with high-quality parts.

Looking for professionally made V-Core 3, or V-Core 3.1 Essential Core Printed parts? We are printing these right here in the USA, and we have the option to also print Vector3D’s modded parts which some people prefer for ease of assembly. We can also offer to print the Hot-End EVA parts for your hot-end as an upgrade or custom order. Contact me before ordering! This is a listing for a PRINTING SERVICE, you are requesting us to print parts for your machine!

PETG, ASA, ABS options available, we recommend ASA if you are using an enclosure. Currently our default color is black, as it’s the most common and we have it on hand. If you wish to have a custom color we ask that you give us several extra days after placing your order to receive the filament.

We are 3D Printing enthusiasts that also offer our services, we own and operate the blog over at https://print3D.world and have been in the 3D Printing world for many years now. We have all types of 3D Printers to fulfill your needs such as highly modified Ender 5, Ender 3 belt printer, RatRig CoreXY printers and also soon to come are resin printers. If you need anything 3D Printed or help in putting your printer together, feel free to contact us!



Category Name QTY STL STEP
electronics electronics_wire_guide 3-6 (Depending on machine size)
electronics electronics_wire_guide_clip 15-30 (5 per electronics_wire_guide)
electronics panel_collar 1
electronics panel_collar_nut 1

V-Core 3.1 Core Parts for Enclosed Printers – High Temperature – Heat Resistant ABS or ASA

V-Core 3.1 Enclosure Parts – High Temperature – Heat Resistant ABS or ASA

V-Core 3.1 Electrical Parts – High Temperature – Heat Resistant ABS or ASA

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RatRig V-Core 3.1 Pr b0f9bc7b-eb32-4



Primary color

Black, Blue, Green, Red


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