Trianglelab Orbiter V2 Filament Sensor Compatible With Orbiter V1.0 V1.5 and V2.0 3D Printer


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  • Brand Name: Trianglelab
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Item Type: Extruder
  • Model Number: Orbiter Filament Sensor

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Orbiter Filament Sensor

▉Orbiter Filament Sensor Summary:

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Filament Runout sensing

Filament auto loading

Button for filament unload


*Set1:Only Compatible with Orbiter v2.0

*Set2:Compatible with Orbiter v1.0, v1.5 and v2.0

*Sensor housing design files for Orbiter Please click here!

▉What’s in the box:


Orbiter Filament Sensor  x1

OS2 Nylon SLS Printing(only compatible with orbiter v2.0 extruder)  x1

SS304 M3 Nut  x2

SS304 M3*20 Screws  x2

SS304 M3 Washer  x4

SS304 D6 Ball  x2

Wiring harnes  x1


Orbiter Filament Sensor  x1

SS304 D6 Ball  x2

SS304 M3*18 Screws  x2

Wiring harnes  x1

▉Sensor Schematics:

Next picture shows the schematics of the filament sensor.

Print the sensor housing out of ABS, ASA or some other filament with similar temperature deflection property.

The light guide shall be printed out of a transparent filament like HDGlass.

The sensor housing shall be printed with support, light guide does not require any support. Suggested layer height is 0.2mm.

You need to change the stock M3 screws of the Orbiter to button head M3 L=20mm (low profile screw head, max 2mm space on the Orbiter v1.5. The original M3 with 15mm length and socket head will not fit anymore). On v1.5 It’s a bit tricky to drive in the screw near the latch in, but it’s not impossible (use a big Thor hammer and some brute force 🙂 ).

▉Assembly steps:

1. Push the 6mm ball inside the housing,

2. Slide the electronics inside the housing;

3. Assemble the sensor on top of the Extruder.



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