TOP 5 Most Popular 3D Prints of June 2019

Below we are sharing the top 10 most popular 3D Print STL files of June 2019. Not only does this spread awareness to people potentially thinking about purchasing a 3D Printer, it also archives these popular files to keep them safe. If Thingiverse goes down, we will have them archived for safe keeping. Hit the download button, and share!

#1 Flexi-Dragon by Benchy4Life


[Download not found]

From the creator:

I really liked the style of the dragon done here by muzz64 and thought I would try my hand at making it flexi with both wings attaching with only pressure. The wings attached for me great and are very hard to take back out. I’m sure results will vary dependent on how well printers are setup.(I have some elephant foot on my prints which may be helping the fit). Try one wing and if it is too loose try printing at 101%.

Update: Rev B

  • Improved the clips to attach the wings, They will be a little harder to get in but should be very hard to take out.(RevB not compatible with the first Dragon)I have not been able to remove the wings with out breaking something.
  • Improved the arch of the neck, his head should not point down as much. This may differ from printer to printer.
  • Increased the size of the hinges on the wings. This should make them more robust.

Print Settings

Rafts: No

Supports: No

Resolution: 0.2

Infill: 5

#2 Flexi-Cat by feketeimre


[Download not found]

#3 Cute Mini Octopus by McGybeer


[Download not found]

From the Creator:

Cute mini Octopus, articulated and printed without supports.

It’s designed so it can be printed at once, no assembly required.

4 different STL files available:

  • Octopus_v5.5.stl —> No support added (use your own, just for the mouth).
  • Octopus_v5.5_support.stl —> Support added for the mouth. Just slice and print. (Doesn’t work for all printers).




200 µm


Tentacles 0%; Head 15%

Filament: BQ PLA Printed in many colors


The only support needed is for the mouth. I’ve uploaded 2 files, one of them with the support already placed (the support doesn’t work for all printers).

#4 Collapsing Pirate Sword by 3DPRINTINGWORLD


[Download not found]

From the Creator:

Collapsing Pirate Sword

This is a collapsing sword designed to be printed as one part. Its only 142mm high when printed but expands to over 860mm in total length! It also makes a really cool noise as it expands as a result of the layer lines rubbing together which really takes people off guard.

The sword is designed to be printed with a ,4mm nozzle, so the blade will be two shells thick. I had weird issues with blobs and zits at retraction which I normally don’t have until I turned on “wipe” and “coast”. I think this is a result of the thin walls with a narrow amount of clearance between the blade segments. Every printer is different but I had good luck with .15mm coast and 3mm wipe, on my MK3.

This is the second collapsing sword, you can find the first version here. This version is a little trickier then the first as the guard on the hilt can cause issues. It gets a little flimsy at the top so make sure you have z-hop turned on in case it curls.

I have included a blank template of the sword in a “STL” as well as a “STP” file so you can make you own designs! Please post a remix so I can make one too! 🙂

5/1/18 ~If it helps anyone out, I added a file named “test print”. If this works, you shouldn’t have a issue. If it fuses together, I would suggest adjusting your cost and wipe settings.

I also added a extended version. Its the same length, the blade comes out further. I thought that some peoples swords did not extend as far as mine. If you want to give this one a try go ahead and let me know the results.

#5 Articulated Lizard v2 by McGybeer


[Download not found]

From the creator:

An improved version of my previous design, now with articulated legs.
No supports or assembly required. Just slice and print!!

Updated 5.1 design with stronger front leg links (not tested yet).

Enjoy! Please send us your write-ups to have them published and archived!

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