Top 5 Most Popular 3D Prints September 2021

Today we are going to take a look at the TOP 5 Most Popular 3D Prints of September 2021! 3D Printing technology has grown considerably and become widely available for the average consumer, instead of only prosumers. This has lead to so many new models being publicly released and downloaded. Congratulate each of the Artist’s by visiting their Thingiverse page and/or sending them a tip! We are archiving their work while they are in the top positions!

#1 The #NanoLongRange by Dave_C_FPV

  • The #NanoLongRange basically a small FPV quadcopter designed around a single 18650 Lithium-Ion Battery
  • The whole thing is still somewhat experimental and you shouldn’t expect any sort of spectacular flight performance out of something that weighs 100g and runs on only 3V.
    But it’s still better than I expected and a lot of fun to cruise around and there is something really neat about just popping in a battery like on the remote of TV and having this thing fly for over ten minutes.
  • This version is fully 3D printed apart from the battery tray to be a fun DIY project and not require souring any carbon parts.
  • Youtube Video about the NanoLongRange:
  • Please note: This build isn’t super easy because the components are tiny. A steady hand and minimum experience with soldering is required.

#2 TicTac Gun by 3DPatriot

The 3-D printed TicTac gun I made as an idea me and my kids came up with the reason it doesn’t shoot far is because it’s made to shoot in your mouth and I don’t want someone to choke on tictacs

It fits any tictac container I think ? first take out the plastic insert for the tictac container flip the gun upside down then connect it should fit snug.

Second for the spring inside the gun I used a spring from a ballpoint pen clicky top you can use any spring that’s the same size

There’s a couple ways to secure both half‘s you can glue on one half to another or use screws to clamp and Secure both halves

#3 Anti-Fog Nose Clip for Mask by lecutterjaune

This nose-clip reduces fog on your glasses when your wear the mask.

It fits on surgical mask or fabric mask.

If the clip is too small for your nose, you can shape it with hot water.

Very fast to print, you can share it to anyone : friends, family, at work…

#4 Back Horn Speaker V2.0 by GuppyK

This one is my favorite out of the top 5, I personally have built two so far. They sound great for the size and price ratio!

This version is a complete redesign, still just as stylish, super cheap, fully printable BUT sounding MUCH better. This back loaded horn Bluetooth speaker uses a 3.3″ (as opposed to the original 2 1/2″) driver and a USD 1 Bluetooth board and USD 3.5 amplifier. Total cost should be around USD 20. The enclosure with the back loaded horn (please read below if you are not familiar with the concept) is also a complete redesign.

However, the concept remains the same. It is like kissing the frog. You kiss that tiny loudspeaker and hope it turns into a prince. And yes, it does… It is truly amazing how much sound you can get out of these ultra cheap components.

The enclosure is for a 3.3″ (6.5 cm) driver. You can use it as a Bluetooth (as I do), active, or passive speaker. There is a chamber at the back for the electronics (BT board + amplifier).

#5 LiftPod – Multipurpose Foldable Stand by HeyVye


This is a multipurpose stand to mount cameras, phones, Nintendo Switch, or tablets.

The clamp is compatible with common Arca-Swiss style camera tripod plate.

It’s fully printed.

Assembly video:

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