EVA 2.4.2 3D Printer Carriage System Printed Parts


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This listing is for a customized EVA Hot-End Carriage Printed Parts package. You must choose the correct parts for your build, and if it is not listed here you can contact me for a custom build. Only available colors right now in ASA/ABS are BLACK until we have a custom order for a colored product. We have Black, Anthracite PETG available.


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EVA 2.4.2 3D Printer 0e03b7ed-29db-4




Orbiter 1.5 & V6, Orbiter 1.5 Mosquito, Orbiter 1.5 Rapido, Orbiter 1.5 Nova, Orbiter 1.5 CopperH, Orbiter 2.0 V6, Orbiter 2 Nova, Orbiter 2 Rapido, Orbiter 2 CopperH, Orbiter 2 Mosquito, BMG + V6, BMG + Rapido, BMG + Nova, BMG + CopperH, BMG + Mosquito


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