Halloween Decoration Stuffed Sweater Pumpkins


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These are our home made pumpkin decorations made by myself and my wife. The sweater pumpkins are made from old sweaters which we are up-cycling into a stuffed Halloween decoration! Right now our sweater material is mostly white with lines through it, and being stuffed with hypoallergenic stuffing. If you have special requests, please write a message and we will see if we can design it for you.

Great for any style decor, we are showing it in our “modern farmhouse” style kitchen and dining room on our display photos. You will only be receiving what you see in the singular photo, and we can offer different color variations of the velvet material and stem materials.
You can simply write us a message and offer some suggestions on which method or style you like the best, and we will be glad to make them for you. We also offer some 3D Printed pumpkins in many colors, if you would rather have them as hard plastic/multi-color decor; or even make your own!

Sweater Pumpkin is 4″x 6″ although other sizes can be made to order at request.

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