2023 Best 3D Printing Slicer to replace SuperSlicer

With tons of new advances in the 3D printing technology sector, along with that comes new software and hardware! We have just this week decided to download the new Orca Slicer which is another fork of the Silc3r/Prusaslicer code; but damn it is so much more refined and updated. I have been using it on both Voron 2.4s, and the RatRig V-Cores! I will be glad to share all profiles with the users on our forums.

One of the best highlights of the Orca Slicer for our own usage was the access to the mainsail tab right from inside of the slicer! Super convenient to not be tabbing through all of the printers, or selecting them from the dropdown in the browser.

Orca Slicer comes with default profiles for both the Voron 2.4, and the RatRig machines that we run here at Print3D; and it was much faster than superslicer’s ETA on most of our large prints. I did notice the speeds are much higher than what your stock profile usually carries, but the accelerations were a bit lower than our settings. I opted to increase the accel and tune the flow rate on this new slicer. Tons of calibration options are built-in as well, and give you most all features of Superslicer but with things like the Arachne wall-line code upgraded and not out-of-date beta versions.

Don’t hesitate to give this all new slicer a try, it’s definitely worth it! Sign-up on the forum for access to our custom profiles.


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