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TH3D Support is Top Notch  


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26/08/2020 4:09 pm  

Hello guys,


Recently I made a blog post with the Top 5 favorite Ender 5 modifications, and I noted about the nozzle POSSIBLY causing my issues with stringing on the first try. I have since spoken to the guys over at TH3D, and they offered to refund me and the cost of the genuine E3D nozzle I purchased to make things right.

I told them multiple times it was not necessary, since I had the system working now. They insisted, and have also asked for me to ship back the nozzle in question (which I plan to do when I return home).

Bottom line is I purchased this item from TH3D for the support, and even though at first I was kind of iffy they did come through in a tremendous way. I recommend anyone needing 3D Printer parts to TH3D, and you don't even have to wait a month for the slow boat from china!