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What's your favorite Car?  


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01/08/2020 6:37 pm  

I grew up around a family of die-hard ford fans, and I must admit was a part of that until later in my teenage years. I actually built a Ford Mustang foxbody that had been neglected when I got it, and I repaired many things and even installed a carb'd 302 motor and transmission into it before I was legal to drive! I ended up selling this later on down the road, and ended up buying a 1994 Camaro Z28 from a boss I had. It had 83,000 original miles and I was in love with this car; once it was cleaned up it looked amazing.

I would have to say that this 1994 Camaro is now my favorite car, it's still in my driveway and I drive it on weekends. It's now sporting a 383 Stroker with a mild cam, built 4L60e transmission and a Strange rear-end with 3.73 gearing.  It's quite a blast to drive!

What's your favorite car, and  the story behind it!

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