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Ender 5 Pro + CRTouch Auto Level Gantry Crash

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I am brand new to 3D printing and recently purchased an Ender 5 Pro with 4.2.2 mainboard and a CRTouch bed leveling probe.

Initial calibrations have been going well (extruder, first layer, a few calibration cubes), but as I am dialing in the Steps/mm for the X/Y/Z axes, the probe is attempting to probe points extremely close to, and now off the edge of the bed.

The latest attempt resulted in the gantry crashing into the front rails of the frame as it attempted to probe the final 4 points, almost like the print bed size is set incorrectly. The firmware for the CRTouch was obtained from Crealitiy's website, but my research is beginning to show that their firmware is pretty bad.

I appreciate any help you can provide, as I would like to print something besides paper thin plastic sheets and cubes.


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