Top 5 Most Popular 3D Prints of January 2020

Happy New Years everyone! I hope you are sticking to your resolutions, while 3D Printing all sorts of neat new gadgets and useful items. This month I want to ask all readers to please like us on Facebook and begin to share your 3D Prints with us; we will certainly begin to improve our Facebook group and provide support and help as needed.


#1 Baby Yoda by MarVin_Miniatures


Creality Ender 5







#2 Polar Bear with Seal by amaochan

Material used SpiderMaker PLA
Matte Paper White/Matte Iron blue/Matte Steel Blue/Matte Orchid Purple/Matte Peacock Green/Matte Coal Black

Print suggestions
1.Layer height 0.2mm
2.Low down the flow to 90%or 95%.
3.Add oil on moveable parts

A hungry polar bear fails to reach the fish held in the naughty seal’s mouth. Everytime the polar bear tries to catch the fish, the seal will sink back into the water and tease the poor, hungry polar bear.

In fact, polar bears are indeed always famished because of the worsening condition of the planet due to global warming, and the North Arctic has become warmer than usual. On top of this, the melting of the ice has shrunk the polar bears’ living area, and made it difficult for them to hunt. There are many signs telling us that polar bears and the polar ice caps are slowly disappearing.

The design, Polar Bear with Seal, was a paper DIY for the magazine Young Scientist. I really liked the concept, so I redesigned it into STL files. I hope this piece of art can convey a sense of beauty both in motion and stillness. While I was designing this, I put a lot of effort into observing the subtle changes in the movements of polar bears. In order to make this design work via 3d printing, I adjusted every component’s angle. Very few parts require supporting material.

Ultimately, this art piece took me the longest time to design, and it’s the most complex one I have ever shared. I am extremely happy with the outcome!


#3 Cute Mini Octopus by McGybeer

That’s right, cute mini octopus is STILL in the TOP 5! McGybeer has created something that sticks to the top of the most popular list month after month, we should all congratulate him via Thingiverse.


Hephestos 2






200 µm


Tentacles 0%; Head 15%

Filament: BQ PLA Printed in many colors


The only support needed is for the mouth. I’ve uploaded 2 files, one of them with the support already placed (the support doesn’t work for all printers).

#4 Bottle Opener and Cap GUN! by 3Deddy

3Deddy has been on the TOP 5 list for the second month in a row, give him a congrats via Thingiverse!

Just a set of M3 bolts, an elastic rubber band and you’r all set. Oh I forgot, a 10 cent euro coin or, 1 dollar cent, or equivalent. A 12x2mm neodymium magnet completes it. Available here for a few cents:,searchweb201602_10,searchweb201603_53

This is a strong and wel build design. It’s also safe as a bottle cap is a very big object and the speed it’s fired is gentle. And you will never aim at a person wil you?

The print does need some support but only for the two body halfs. No further cleanup.

Have Fun and please give me likes please and of course share your make!

Printer Brand:











30% for most parts, print the trigger solid!

Filament: REAL PLA


PETG is too flexible I think so use PLA. Print the trigger SOLID!

Print it strong so it will not break while opening bottles.

Visit this URL for assembly instructions:

#5 Ender 3 Cable Chain

With the popularity of #3DPrinting improving every day, the Ender 3 and other Creality models are selling like crazy. It’s unsurprising that an Ender 3 mod is in the TOP 5 most popular 3D Prints of 2020. The Ender 3 and Creality brand was such a good development in this economy and has driven significant growth in technology and availability.

Update [10:53 PM 2018-06-16]

  • Added parts assembly guide image
  • cableChain_link_v3.stl
    Not constraint hinge to 1 direction anymore (But v2 still work fine)
    15 links for heatbed, 10-15 links for gantry.
  • cableChain_bedCorner_v2.stl (and Cover)
    Easier Snap assembly and disassembly
  • cableChain_40MountTop_v2.stl
    Better hinge rotation range for tall print
  • cableChain_40MountSide_v2.stl
    Offset more to better align with heatbed mount

Update [1:54 AM 2018-06-11]
Added Improved version

  • cableChain_link_v2.stl << Main chain body
  • cableChain_linkCover_v2.stl << Chain part
  • cableChain_plateMount_v2.stl << Snap fit to that black ‘Bed Wiring Mount’ stock part

New Parts

  • cableChain_bedCorner.stl << Replace that black ‘Bed Wiring Mount’ stock part

Ender 3 Cable Chain

  • For Creality Ender 3 rear cable.
  • Keep it Neat and Cool.
  • Snap design. No need screw or nut.
  • Print without support.

15 Links for Heatbed.
10 Links (or more) for X gantry.

Please Share Your MAKE, Thank you.

[10:07 PM 2018-05-19]

Print Settings



Use a little higher print temp than usual for stronger part.
Too low temp will cause part break while assembly.

That’s it for the TOP 5 most popular 3D Prints of January 2020! We hope you have enjoyed our lists, and we will continue to bring you Ender 3 content and profiles. With Cura making so many software changes, our profiles will continue to evolve. We must all work together and ensure we are getting the most efficient prints from our systems.

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