Cheapest and Quickest Way to Replace your Ender 3 Motherboard

I accidentally killed one of my motherboards the other day while attempting to install a BMG clone extruder. I swapped out the pins I was told to in the instructions, and I guess the way the coil in the stepper are wired is different from older versions. The printer I purchased come from Banggood back in March 2019, and while flashing the bootloader and firmware onto my Ender 3 i realized it had the newer 1.1.4 Motherboard in it. It’s not the version 1.1.4 with the silent stepper drivers, but it is the latest revision of their board.

Creality 1.1.4 Motherboard

I started looking for a replacement and found pricing from 40 up to 60 dollars, and I was going to opt for the silent board straight from creality; but it was out of stock and I wanted my printer back up and running. I eventually found on eBay a new motherboard from Creality-Direct which is a company located in Kentucky who have genuine parts from Creality.

The boards are listed on eBay as “Ender 3 Pro Motherboard” although they are the same exact board for the Ender 3, the Ender 3 Pro firmware is different so you will have to flash a bootloader and then upload the firmware I have shared in the Downloads section.

You can purchase your own cheap OEM Motherboard from this eBay Link, and at the time of posting they are selling it for only $35. Since this is an original part, and not some clone board that is a great price, plus it ships quick in the US.

Once you have your new board, you will just swap all of your wiring over to the new one and then flash the bootloader, and new firmware. If you need help doing the flash and firmware, check out our other posts about how to do that.

Creality 1.1.4 Wiring

Get your Firmware for the new board below:

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