How to organize your toolbox with 3D Printing

One of the first things I wanted to make when I began my adventure into 3D printing was some organizers for my toolbox(es). I had seen on YouTube videos other guys designs and was amazed by the organization and cleanliness of their toolbox drawers. I have multiple tool chests that I would have to organize, so I need some way to do both with the same parts.

The box I decided to focus on first is the one I use every day at work, which is just a cheapo Rock River roll cart. I started hunting Thingiverse and YouTube for some ideas, and quickly decided that a basic tray design would work fine.


I found some toolbox trays with multiple or single compartments, and they were parametric so easily change size to my needs. The drawers I targeted were the ones with tons of drill bits, taps and set screws that I use almost daily during product changeovers. We also used some of the larger single compartment trays for the top drawer, which is also known as the “junk drawer”.

I am still working on some more sophisticated designs for my Snap On roll cart that I have in my home garage, and when I have something cooler to show I will share with you guys. Below you will find the files I used to Organize my Toolbox with 3D Printing, available to download directly or download from Thingiverse.

Tool Organizer Tray on Thingiverse:
Tool Drawer Insert on Thingiverse:

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