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How to PID tune your Ender 5  


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06/08/2020 5:06 pm  

This is a simple walk-through of steps on how to PID tune your Ender 5 hot end. You should already know how to plug-in the USB cable and connect with Pronterface or some other console program that allows you to send GCode to your printer from a PC/Tablet. (Octoprint, Pronterface, Repetier Console etc)

  1. PID Tune to your filament temperature. You should already know which type of filament you are going to tune your PID for; generally it's PLA and we choose to use 200 degrees as a start point.
  2. Find what your current settings are at. Open the console program, and send the Gcode command "M503". You’ll see a section PID Settings with a P, I and D set of values: M301 PXX.XX IX.XX DXX.XX Note these down somewhere incase you wish to revert back!
  3. Start your PID auto tune command by sending the following GCode: "M303 E0 S200 C3"          (M= Pid command E= Extruder S= Target Temp C= Cycles) So you are telling the printer to autotune the hot end to 200 degrees and cycle it 3 times to average out. New values will be spit out once it's completed.
  4. Our new values will show up something like this: PID Autotune finished! Put the last Kp, Ki and Kd constants from below into Configuration.h
    #define DEFAULT_Kp 28.32
    #define DEFAULT_Ki 2.94
    #define DEFAULT_Kd 68.12
  5. Now let's write and send a GCode to write these values to EEPPROM: M301 P28.32 I2.94 D68.12
  6. Follow that up with a M500 to save values, and an M503 to verify the parameters. That's it! You can PID tune for different materials as well by changing your auto tune temperature.

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