DyzeXtruder Pro + Dyzend Pro Review

Today we are reviewing the awesome new combo all-in-one package from Dyze 3D Printing. We ordered a DyzeXtruder Pro and Dyzend Pro with the 500* thermocouple and 24V heater. All of our systems were 24v, and the kit come with everything needed minus the mounts to install this kit. I was quite impressed with the packaging, and the completeness of the required components. They have really figured out how to please the customer.

I decided to install the kit onto one of my Ender 3 for the review since I have several other hot-end and extruder combo being tested on other printers. The Ender 3 I chose to install this kit on is mostly for ABS and other high-temp no part cooling filaments, so installation would be a breeze once I made a mount up for it.

DyzeXtruder Pro


  • Tooless Hot-End Removal: Take your hot-end off of your extruder in just a few seconds with the thumbscrew. This will loosen the groove mount and free your hot-end.
  • Multiple Mounting Possibilities: The side mounting threads make it very easy to assemble; it includes two M3 screws to fit the DyzeXtruder Pro on a printer, bracketless. You can also mount the extruder on a panel.
  • Guided Filament: The guides conduct the filament out of the extruder. They follow the teeth shape, allowing no other exits for the filament. The entire part has a low friction coating, increasing the pushing efficiency.
  • Completely Redesigned Teeth: 35% more force with rigid filaments. 25% more force with flexible filaments. The filament can also retain it’s shape after over 100 retractions.
  • Reduction Gears: The new DyzeXtruder Pro has a 5.65: 1 gear ratio. We have chosen this ratio to use the full potential of a tiny motor while, enabling very high pushing forces. The gears are custom made from high strength hardened steel. This combination allows low friction operations and longer life. They design the gears and bearings to last for hundreds of kilograms in extreme conditions.
  • Dual-pinch drive system: The dual-pinch system allows a higher pushing force with a lower filament pressure. It reduces the risk of flattening the filament when highly detailed prints require a lot of retractions.
  • Constant pressure: They have redesigned the custom spring to provide the optimal pressure at the filament with the new teeth. You’ll always get the same output flow, reducing the variations involved in changing filaments.
  • Matched included motor: Dyze Design has chosen the included motor to match the maximum torque tolerated by filaments. The motor won’t grind your filament and will prevent any damage inside the extruder.

Tech Specs:

Filament diameter1.75mm
Operating current0.9A
Operating temperature (air-cooled)0°C to +60°C
Operating temperature (liquid-cooled)0°C to +120°C
Top fitting tube OD4.00mm
Gear ratio5.65: 1
Groove mount head thickness2–5mm
Mounting screw threadM3
Mounting screw min thread depth5mm

DyzEnd Pro


  • New High-Temperature Heat Block: Steel will keep its strength at high temperatures much better than copper or aluminium. The new block shape reduces losses by breaking the sharp edges. The coating is very slippery and easier to clean.
  • New Ceramic Coated Transition Tube: The DyzEnd Pro is made from a ceramic-coated titanium transition tube. The hard coating increases wear resistance and reduce friction, enabling easier retraction and better flow.
  • Fan sound/vibration dampening: The small rubber spacer absorbs the vibrations generated from the fan and reduces the noise. The higher quality fans have ball bearings, increasing lifespan, and further vibration reduction.
  • Cold Swap Nozzles: By using a very special high-temperature sealing washer and a very strong M10 nozzle, the DyzEnd Pro is able to switch nozzles at room temperature. No leaks, no burning hazard.
  • Inconel® sealing washer: Inconel alloys are heat resistant and can be used in extreme environments. The sealing washer easily keeps its sealing properties, even at 500°C.
  • Any Temperature Sensor: Choose between a 300°C Thermistor, a 500°C Thermistor, a 500°C PT100, or a 500°C Type K thermocouple sensor.
  • Liquid Cooling Ready: The DyzEnd Pro can be easily converted to a liquid-cooled setup with Dyze Design’s specialized cooling blocks.

Technical Information:

Weight – Hotend52g
Operating Voltage12, 24V
Operating temperature (air-cooled)0 to +60°C
Operating temperature (liquid-cooled)0 to +120°C
Top threadM8x1.25mm
Thermistor resistance at 25°C (500°C)4700
Thermistor resistance at 200°C (500°C)8
Maximum temperature – 40W420°C
Maximum temperature – 60W500°C


First step will be to find the appropriate mounts and part cooling systems on Thingiverse or Yeggi. Simply search for “Dyze + Your printer make and model” and there are already hundreds of different mount configurations that can probably work for your printer or easily be adapted to work. We chose these parts for the Ender 3: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4855158 and https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1440406/files

Print these parts out before you disassemble your printer for installation of the Dyze system, or you will be without the required parts to complete installation. If you don’t have multiple printers like me, then you’ll have to order them from a service like Treatstock.

We aren’t going to go into extreme details on how to disassemble and install this kit, there are videos out there for each type of printer. My printer is far from stock and does not have stock control board, so the steps will be different for me and any other Ender 3. What you need to do is start by disassembling the extruder and hot-end, removing the hot-end fan and leaving your part cooling fan in place.

Open your electronics panel, and remove the hot-end heater wires, the hot-end thermistor wires, and the extruder stepper cable. The Dyze kit has included all of the required wires for your kit, and although the connectors do not look identical they fit and work just fine. Take your time and wire up each component properly and use wire-ties to make the install look clean.

Firmware Configuration

Once you have the kit mounted up and wired into your motherboard, it’s time to setup the firmware for this new combo. Dyze has all of the resources listed on their website, and it’s super easy to copy/paste and requires little guesswork like other systems. We are running Klipper on our Ender 3, and used the configurations below. If you need a custom configuration check out their website here: https://docs.dyzedesign.com/#categories

[thermistor Dyze500]
#based on https://docs.dyzedesign.com/general-support/temperature-sensors.html#_500%C2%B0c-thermistor
temperature1: 25
resistance1: 4500000
temperature2: 260
resistance2: 2240
temperature3: 460
resistance3: 125.4

rotation_distance: 31.06
gear_ratio: 5.65:1
#control: pid
#pid_Kp: 19.3
#pid_Ki: 2.1
#pid_Kd: 44.6
sensor_type : Dyze500
min_temp: 0
max_temp: 480

Slicer Settings

Now we need to update our Slicer settings, and Dyze also provides us with a suggested range for these parameters as well! Let’s take a look below, and add these numbers to your respective slicer; we use Superslicer.

ParameterValue Dyzend-XValue Dyzend Pro
Retraction distance0.50mm – 1.00mm0.50mm – 2.00mm
Line widthRefer to our printing speed calculator(opens new window)Refer to our printing speed calculator(opens new window)
Printing speed1 mm/s – 300 mm/s1 mm/s – 300 mm/s
ExtruderSetting NameBase ValueMaximum value
DyzeXtruder GTRetraction speed25 mm/s (1500 mm/min)35 mm/s (2100 mm/min)
DyzeXtruder ProRetraction speed25 mm/s (1500 mm/min)35 mm/s (2100 mm/min)

In Superslicer we chose to use 1mm retraction, at 35mm/s. We are currently printing at 80mm/s on our Ender 3 with a line width of 0.45, but may increase later.


When it comes to the quality of this kit, you really see the old saying come to life. “You get what you pay for” and this system will destroy any cheap Aliexpress combo you can find in every way imaginable. Every part was well thought out, and made with premium materials.

You won’t find perfected gear reduction and round gears, ceramic coated transition tubes, or Inconel washers for cold nozzle swaps on other low-end kits. If you are looking for the best of the best for your 3D Printer and you are ready to move on to high temperature engineering plastics this is the kit for you.

Our Thoughts

As you can probably tell, we are quite happy with this kit from DyzeDesign. It’s a well rounded and professionally engineered kit that brings high-end engineering plastics to the hobbyist 3D Printer scene. You will not find another “complete” kit that does all of the things that this kit does, and it’s cheaper than some of the other “engineering” groups on the net! Go buy one today and give it a chance, you will not regret!

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