New 3D Printable File Sharing Site

Prusa has changed to which means we have a new alternative to Thingiverse that could only be an improvement, as it’s hard to go much worse than Thingiverse right now.

Visit by Clicking Here replaces and keeps its ever-growing library of high-quality 3D models, while some features move over to Our intention is to make the website more open and welcoming to all 3D printer owners and also introduce new features.

Database of high-quality free 3D models

While there are online libraries of 3D models with hundreds of thousands of models, you will usually quickly realize they offer tons of duplicate objects, slightly altered versions of the same model, etc. We’re taking a different approach. We take our time to curate uploaded objects, support individual designers, organize community contests with valuable prizes that motivate creators to come up with something new, fun, and useful. With the website renamed to, we’re expecting an influx of new members and models, so the library will grow even faster.

This is why it’s also important to give you the necessary tools and resources to quickly find and organize projects, models, and groups. You can easily create private and public collections of models, upload “Makes” (photos of finished prints) and you can also use the built-in 3D model viewer not just for STL and 3MF files but for G-Codes as well. The viewer is quite powerful and features several different view modes, so you can inspect the model even before you download it. Comments and ratings will also help you decide whether the model is exactly what you’re looking for. Our goal is to provide you with the best database of 3D models.

We’re also finishing a large overhaul of the front page (scheduled for release in the upcoming weeks) and actually a lot more.

An active community is key

While it’s perfectly fine to visit the site just for a couple of quick downloads, if you actually decide to stay a bit longer, you can discover all sorts of additional activities. Active community members can receive both digital and physical rewards – including free spools of Prusament! There are awards for both designers and makers. So even if you can’t design new models, you can simply help others, e.g. by publishing photos of finished prints (Makes) and you can still collect enough points. These can be exchanged for spools of filament or our merch. Sharing Makes is useful for everyone – you’ll let the designer know that you like their model, and other users see how the object looks in the real world and that it is, in fact, printable.

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