Top 5 Most Popular 3D Prints of January 2023

Are you just starting out 3D Printing, or a guru who is looking for that next awesome thing to make? We are sharing our Top 5 Most Popular 3D Prints as of January 2023! We share 5 prints that are on the top rankings of Thingiverse, and we congratulate the 3D Model designers. We are updating the Print3D website right now, and even upgrading the download system so bare with us if something doesn’t exactly work correctly. Report any issues to the forums.

Below each item, you will see a link to download the ZIP files containing the model. Each ZIP file contains the exact contents found from the Thingiverse links including the licenses, and readme. We do not change or modify the zip files in any way, and are only sharing/archiving the most popular prints! Come check out our top lists and sign-up today.

#1 Cascade by mishkin2

Cascade is a 3D Printed piece of wall art that looks modern and elegant

Download “Cascade by mishkin2” – Downloaded 6 times – 1.97 MB

#2 Hose Connector / Adapter Set Gardena (R) Quick-Connect Compatible, 3/4″ Faucets, and 1/2″ Hoses by guppyk

Awesome hose connector and adapter set designed by guppyk

Download “Hose Connector / Adapter Set - Gardena (R) Quick-Connect Compatible, 3/4" Faucets, and 1/2" Hoses” – Downloaded 6 times – 4.01 MB

#3 Red Eyed Crocodile Skink – Articulated – by Trejager

Check out this amazing articulated 3D Printed Crocodile skink! The kids love these cool gadgets! by Trejager

Download “Red Eyed Crocodile Skink (Articulated)” – Downloaded 6 times – 6.76 MB

#4 Beer Crate Battery Holder by Marzochi

No more loose batteries in your junk drawers! Use these awesome battery organizers to keep them in place.

Download “Beer Crate Battery Holder” – Downloaded 6 times – 4.67 MB

#5 Handles for M3 to M6 Bolts by Remi-Rafael

Remi-Rafael has come up with this super ingenious handle system for M3 to M6 bolts, these will really come in handy in the workshop!

Download “Handles for M3 to M6 Bolts and Screws” – Downloaded 6 times – 6.96 MB
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