Voron 2.4 R1 FYSETC Spider v2.2 Sensorless Homing Firmware

We are proud to release our new firmware for the Spider v2.2 board in our Voron 2.4 R1 kit offered by FYSETC. Our build review will be released within the next week, and will contain a real outlook into the build quality and build process. The Voron configuration and firmware offered online for these kits does not usually make sensorless homing simple, and revolve around endstops and klicky probe. We decided to keep this first voron close to our RatRig configuration to streamline our print farm, and our RatRig’s always have a probe and sensorless right out of the box.

If you have questions or issues with our firmware, do not hesitate to sign-up on the forums and ask for help. We will have FYSETC taking part in the forums and listening to your feedback as well. I hope to continue growing our community not only with the RatRig, but Voron members as well!

UPDATED as of 3/24/2023

  • Klicky Probe as Z Endstop, Bed Mesh Probe, and QGL probe
  • Disabled purge bucket temporary (to get Klicky working was quite a headache)
  • Basic G-Code and Macro changes to convert from RatRig to Voron
  • Download latest firmware here, or via the GitHub


Download “Voron 2.4 R1 FYSETC Spider v2.2 Firmware”

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