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RatRig V-Core 3 officially the most accurate and fast printer I have ever owned

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So it's official guys, I think I am now a RatRig fanboy. Just like how some guys are all about their Tesla, or Apple products; I am now a fan for RatRig! This V-Core has been amazing since the first day I got it running, and I am stunned by how great the base configurations and superslicer profiles were running out of the box. After only a few tweaks, this thing is more accurate and fast than any Creality product I have ever reviewed! It's so worth the extra money to have this printer and not have to modify or change stuff constantly to improve print quality and output speeds.


Not only that, but the EVA carriage system is just state of the art. I have started exchanging my Hero Me hot-end systems for EVA on every printer I own, this makes it super simple to move system from printer to printer if I really want to. Bottom line, this thing rocks! Let's start bringing some RatRig guys into this forum and talking about stuff.

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