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We have tested Creality PLA, is it worth the price? We say YES!

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Hello everyone!

Recently the Creality owner's group admins asked for people to test the Creality PLA, and seeing how many different brands have been sending us samples for testing we decided to try it. 

They sent us a spool of natural white via DHL, and it arrived in only several days. I decided I was going to perform some normal test prints before making a large model with it.

The PLA seems to perform REALLY well on stringing tests, and my profiles worked without any modifications. It prints good at a range of 195-205 degrees with a 65 degree bed temp (PEI on  all my printers).

I noticed the natural white PLA also seems to have really nice surface quality, much nicer than many colored filaments. It seems like it is going to make my job of painting the Diablo figure much simpler. I am yet to find out the exact mixture of the chemicals in the filament, but it seems very pure PLA. You can often find this filament at a great discount on AliExpress or via the Creality official website.

We will upload photos and share our experiences with this Creality PLA Review 2021.

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