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Hello everyone!

I have taken on a project for a client to produce some reproduction cassette player hub caps, they go on the top of the hub for a cassette player. They are TINY, only 7mm wide and 4mm tall, and the wall is only 0.50mm thick; It has proven very difficult to get it to print properly and I think the issue would be described as "horizontal expansion" in 3D Printing. I also believe it would be soo much easier to use a resin printer for these small household type parts that have to fit other pieces.

Basically I can get a good print, that fits dimensional accurate without the heat bed on. If I enable the heat bed; the parts no longer fit. My theory is that when you print onto the hot bed it's dimensional accurate, but the molecules of the material are still excited. Once the material cools post-production the molecules in the material calm down, and shrink up. Just the same theory as we deal with at work in plastic thermoforming.

So, maybe I need to study further into this and figure out what the difference is for PLA.

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