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How to get strong build plate arms made out of ABS for cheap!

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I know some of you will think it's crazy, but a lot of people are intimidated by printing ABS especially when the printer is indoors. Some users don't have an all metal hot-end that supports the required temperatures to print ABS, or just lack an enclosure so the ABS would warp like mad.

I myself wanted to get these parts while waiting on the printer to arrive, so while looking at thingiverse I found the files for the build plate support arms, and went over to TreatStock and had them build in black ABS. The arms actually arrived the same day the printer did, and that was one mod I didn't have to stress about making in PETG or PLA; and ABS was out of the question as there was no enclosure on my printer yet.

Bottom line, best way to get mods built that are made in ABS quickly and fairly budget friendly is to visit the Treatstock website, I used a print service named "MilkNasty Designs" and I received very nice ABS arms in short order. Definitely recommend!

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