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Installing Hero Me Gen5 on PrinterMods Direct Drive v1.2

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I decided to do this installation today, and I must say that if you are lacking patience please make sure you don't have to do this all at once. I actually took a break halfway through, as some parts of this build are just plain irritating. Mostly due to how the base and gantry adapter are designed, you have to make sure it's put together in the correct order or else you'll be fighting to get at bolts.

The PDF that's included with the HeroMe Gen5 files show most of what you need to do. I just wanted to clarify a few parts for people who are planning to do this same build, and I verified these things with support.

> The hot-end bolts do not go through the gantry adapter, they do not have to go into the metal gantry plate.
> You MUST put the gantry clip bolts in place before you install the base onto the gantry adapter.
> Try to install all of your nuts before installation with the "PRUSA" method (using a bolt and tightening until it's in place) and if any are somewhat loose; you should use super glue to hold them in place to avoid many headaches later.
> I am still trying to figure out which EZABL mount will work with the belts location on the left side, stay tuned.
> Take your time, and make sure you have atleast an hour or two to do this.

> Make sure your fan duct is setup in position before you install the extruder, it's a PITA to get to the FAN mount bolt and the bolts that hold the duct in place.

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