EVA 3 Heat Insert Carriage for 3D Printers

Today we are going to have a quick chat about the all-new EVA 3 that was released this year. I decided to upgrade my RatRig V-Core to have the newest carriage design and see if it improves my harmonics. I also noticed the design may improve some things like cooling, and hot-end fan visual looks. We opted to print the parts in some CoEX Aqua Blue ABS, and ordered the heat inserts from AliExpress in the size recommended by EVA designers. The EVA 3 Heat Insert version is something I have been really wanting to install to my V-Core.

I printed all parts in the same color for now, and used my soldering iron to install the heat inserts at about 350*C. Once I had all of the inserts installed, I cleaned up the flashing with a large flat file to ensure parts mesh together properly. I think this method will make things easier and more efficient for many users who don’t want to spend tons of time fidgeting with the small hex-nuts and the “pull-through” method. I still think hex nuts have their place, but I really think this method is the way to go. Technology for adding metal inserts into 3D Printing is evolving every year. This technology is an awesome idea for anyone trying to push the limits of their 3D Printers; such as aiming for over 500mm/s or even 1,000mm/s!

Update as of 1/22/2023: Heat Inserts have held up awesome, with many hundreds of hours of ABS/ASA printing and speeds up to 350mm/s on a 300mm machine!

Are you ready to upgrade to the newest technology and my favorite 3D Printer carriage system? Visit the EVA website here: https://main.eva-3d.page/

Alternatively you can order these parts printed by the Print3D.world staff! Check us out on Etsy:




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