EVA Carriage Platform for 3D Printing

EVA is a carriage platform for MGN rail based printers. The main goal is to support what people may have laying around or have easy access to. EVA is trying to implement that goal. We have had the chance to use the EVA on our Ender 5 with the use of some modifications, as well as using one on the RatRig V-Core printer. This assembly is amazing and we want to shout it from the rooftops to let everyone know!

If there is no mods available in the contrib section, you should consider modifying the parts to fit your printer and share it with the community! It’s super easy to make adjustments, because the team offers free STEP downloads via the website. This is an awesome design that basically fits all widely used parts, but also offers you an option to customize as you see fit.

EVA is super versatile, and can work with most all of the popular hot-ends.

EVA also supports all the most popular 3D Printer extruders.

The EVA carriage platform is super easy to print, requires no supports and uses the “hole poke” method of creating clean, and precise holes. We have printed two carriages and are currently working on our third. Every printer in the shop will be EVA and linear rail based soon, which allows us to simply swap parts whenever we wish. Paired up with our new “easy-connect” board we are working on, it’s a simple plug and a few bolts to swap an entire assembly.

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